The Sir William Hills

Kontakt | Webseite The Line up that night was Fran on drums and b/vocals (Undergod, Bons Angels), Mungo on guitar and backing vocals (Phased 4 F), Micky on Bass (The Picture, Silence Cries) and Steve on guitar and vocals (Shake, Headbutt).


It was perhaps a brave performance rather than an earth shattering display of musical brilliance. But you have to begin somewhere. The next concert was in England. The fair city of Bristol to be excact. Fiddlers night club and a lucky 12 people turned up to see the chaps from Basel. This spell in England also took in gigs at London (Kings Head), Liverpool (Sansibar), Colwyn Bay (the Prince Maddock), London (Bull and Gate) and Aachen (Hauptquartier) in Germany on the way home to Basel. With this line things seemed to be progressing quite nicely but then Mungo droped a “bomb shell” by quitting. This left the Hills with a problem which after experiments with Urs (later vocalist with the Basel punk band The Modern Ass Quartet) on guitar had come to nothing this line up of the Hills died. After this disappointment Steve decided (eventually) to change styles and to take The Sir William Hills to their present punk/garage style. After one or two experiments the line up of Marko (drums), Armin (guitar), Dädäy (bass) and Steve (Vox/guitar) came about. This line up set about creating some great gigs. After shows with The Libertines,the Kills and the first ever band to take the stage at the Volta Punk Bar in Basel (a super venue) it was clear that The Sir William Hills were a band to love. Eddie Jr. came in on drums to replace Marko and added a certain hi hat action that suited the band perfectly. The Sir William Hills are at present recording their debut album, “CHEER (for the Sir William Hills)”. The band will be promoting the album and gigging all over the place. The name of the band originates from the times Steve “wisely” invested his hard earned cash at William Hill book makers (along with Ladbrokes, Joe Corals etc). Betting on the football, horses, dogs etc. “I was driving through London one day and naturally noting the William Hill betting shops as I went along. It dawned on me that the William Hills would be a super name for a band. I knighted the band myself, as I figured me and millions of others deserved the title after years of dedicated service, with little reward.” Hence: The Sir William Hills.