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Fast, brutal, intense and genuine, those few words could help you to define Nonsense's hardcore, which has kept on evolving since 1997.

After a demo-cd (1998), a 6-song cd (1999) and almost fifty concerts in eastern France and in Germany, Nonsense has just recorded "Burning Inside", seven brand new songs with a stronger sound, more hardcore than ever!!

Matt's (drums), Matteo (bass), Julio (guitars) and Al (vocals) have put their various influences together (Refused, Raised Fist, Sick Of It All and Stretch Arm Strong are the most evident ones) to generate an old school hardcore more efficient than before, integrating sounds borrowed from metal, punk and emocore.

Nonsense has already played with bands such as Defdump, Ex Inferis, What's Wrong, D.R.I., Rufus, Second Rate and would like to keep on sharing its passion with its audience for an unartificial and fierce music style, characterized by powerful singing, federative back up vocals, fickle guitars and leaden rythmics