Bandinfo: Firesign


Firesign was founded in summer 1998 by guitarist Steve Heyden and drummer Klaus Enderlin. Thomas Kraft was called in to play the four strings. They rehearsed and were looking for a singer.......and that was the point: Nobody was around to fit in and could sing good enough. Then Thomas got the chance to play in another band and quit ..just to be back in October 99.

In the meantime Klaus and Steve rehearsed and arranged songs.After that plans changed a little:
Steve took over on leadvocals and they were looking for a second guitarist. This time they were lucky: they found young hotshot Arthur Schlichting who would fit in perfectly personally and musically.

Firesign was complete at last. They quickly went through the songs they had so far and hit the studio by december 99 to record their first CD " FOURPLAY" which received good reviews in HEAVY ODER ,WAS ?, BREAK OUT, ROCK IT and BURRN.

While Firesign could slowly build up a good reputation as a hardrock band Thomas was getting tired of making music and quit after a gig in november 2000.

Time went by... and in January 2001 they found a new bass player at last: Rudi Brandelick.Being an experienced musician he knows quite a bit about gigging and recording.

After four months of rehearsing and integrating Rudi Firesign hit the studio in april to record their second CD "WheelinŽAnŽDealinŽ" which has just been released.