EX_TENSION (Industrial/Electronica/Experimentelle)
The band of an electro-industrial style was created back in 1997 in Strasbourg, France. It would be hard to say just a single word about their style that's plunging into both dense and hypnotic, tinted electro psychedelic sounds and dark atmospheres. The first official track - Violation - was released on the compilation "Decoder" by Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando) in 2000. It was not until 2004 that came out first EP "Needles" on the label Metz Altsphere Prod, sold out in 1 ½ months. After several years spent in the studio, the duo went our from the underground and performed live for the first time in Noxious Art Festival II in 2005. The group then presents its new EP "Desert", acclaimed by critics. Since then, Ex_Tension appeared on different stages and shared the bill with artists such as Haujobb, Dive, The Legendary Pink Dots, Punish Yourself, This Morn 'Omina or Clan of Xymox. In October 2006 appeared "Freedom", with eight new tracks and two remixes done by Lith and ZnO. The french duo Ex_Tension releases with "Legacy" an analogic industrial album full of energy but also weird atomospheres. We can notice the vocal contribution of Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots) in a short intervention in a song. "Legacy" sets a new style inthe industrial genre, don't miss it, here is some fresh noise for your ears. The album is enriched with remixes by french sound activists Twinkle and Normotone.