Baby Brings Bad News

Baby Brings Bad News (Punk-Rock)

Like many their contemporaries, the music of Baby Brings Bad News could easily be labelled and filed at the very bottom of a column in « in rock » or some other upbeat rock’n’roll magazine.
We’re always hearing about r'n’r revival revelations and other outsiders who will save the french rn’r lands cape from. Its ambient monotony. Most of this is jus commercial spin to try and push staff up the charts vhile leaving ou the most important part of what rock music is rallye about live performance.
Baby Brings Bad News puts all this back into perspective and takes the music back to its roots, freshens it up and drags it screaming to where it can liberate its expression; that magical live stage where all the great names of rn’r found their way to fame.
In short, right up there where it should be
With their vital energiy, the four musicians who make up the group carry the music of « BBBN » to the essential core where it cries out to go; driving it to its limits on rythmique drumbeats, howling guitar and vocal chords.
The music of this group - already renamed by their fans as BBBN - is a condensed influence of everything great that the world of rock has had to offer over the past 40 years . influences which have been so well assimilated that even the most conventional of puristes would be hard put to distinguish them from. Their origins . through the innovative instrumental arrangements and the power of the vocals, modern rock music seems to have chosen BBBN as the Channel by which it will convey all the emotion that it needs in order to survive.
If BBBN did not invent rock’n’roll, they have at least known how to make use the best of it and go where few other groups dare to venture by privileging direct contact with t heir public over the comfort of recording recording studio mixing tables.
Much more than just annoter self-appointed , flash-in-the-pan saviour of rock’n’roll « made in France », Baby Brings Bad News’ music speaks out for itself and it’s up to the Fans they’ve gained in just two wear of existence to spread the good news that this baby actually brings….